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Why map your working environment?

Reason 1: To maximize your profit! Simply...

It makes perfectly good sense to improve your working envionment EVEN if there were no profit involved at all because of all the human suffering that can be avoided. However, the good news is, improving the working environment is actually good business that will improve your buttom line too. So why not improve it?

Improving of working environment means improving productivity. Increased productivity simply means a higher profit.

Not all improvements cost money, by the way. Much of the mental working environment can be changed by setting rules and guidelines the staff members must follow. What you get in return is engaged workers, better social responsibility image and much more.

Reason 2: To find the most cost effective improvements

It is common sense, that some improvements are more expensive to implement than others. It is also easy to understand that the price of the improvement and the effect on working environment does not necessarily corellate. The question is, which improvements are the most cost effective ones.

That is what can map for your company. The reason is simply that YOUR employees has the key. They know which improvement they want most. Maping their opinion is to map their priority. Compare it with your knowledge of cost of improvement, and you have a working environment treasure hunt map.

Reason 3: To find critical issues

Some issues are simply too late when you discover them. Why run the risk? Why not take the opportunity to find those issues long before they become a problem? Its better to be up-to-date with more than necessary than to miss that one critical issue you should have discovered much earlier. Solving issues when it has already become a problem is often much more expensive than to prevent them from becoming a problem. In worst case, an issue you miss, can cost the companys entire existence.

Reason 4: To position your company

Mapping your working environment result in a WE smiley. Your company might categorized as "Excellent!", "Great!" or "Good" working environment. Maybe you can get at "Disabled friendly", "Family Friendly" or "Mentally healthy" working environmen certification. These certifications position your company compared to your competitors on the market.

Target your stakeholders with our certifications. Make sure they are informed about your positioning. Use it when hunting for candidates for your vacanicies. Use it to show your worldwide customers, that you are a socially responsible company.

A certificate from is a marketing tool. Target your working environmental profile obtaining a "Family friendly", "Disapled friendly", "Mentally Healthy" or "non-smoking" working environment certificate.
Family friendly working environment certifed by

Reason 5: To hire the best candidates available on the market!

The competition worldwide for the best brains becomes tougher and tougher for each day. Globalization also makes workers movement over the border easy. And your company need the best brains and the best workers. Secure the best manpower by offering the best working environment!

Workers are increasingly aware about their working environment conditions. You need a worldwide tool to measure your working environment standard and compare with competitors.

An "Excellent!" or "Great!" working environment are much more worth for employees today, than a bit higher salary or compensations. Ask yourself. How much would I offer to get a small increase in my salary? Or would I rather have a better working environment? The answer is obvious.

Reason 6: To get much more engaged and creative workers

Workers engagement is the key for a companys competitiveness. The less engaged they are, the less they benefit to the company. In worst case, very little engaged workers are actually contributing negatively to the companys profit. They are also more likely to make mistakes, they are more likely to be sick or even have an accident.

High level of engagement from your workers are essential for the companys profit size. The more engaged the workers are, the more they contribute to the companys profit and the more creative they also are. High level of creativity means strong competitiveness.

Reason 7: Because you have a social responsibility

Working environment has a huge impact on your employees well-being. Being a socially responsible company is first of all a question about taking care of your own staff members, and THEN the world outside the company. Not the other way around. To be responsible for your closest relations first of all, is a well known princple from ancient times.

Around the world, companies more and more often faces consumers that boycots product made on factories with inhumane working environment or extremely bad working environment. The trend is clear. Information travels fast. Being certified by is a way to tell the world that you do care about the workers. Let it be known that your company cares.

Reason 8: Avoid law suits

Well, it is no secret that a lot of companies are getting sued by employees for bad working environment. The increased internatinoalization and increased information access through the Internet, makes the social awareness among people much higher. As people learn about other people in the same situatino as themselves, it becomes easier to sue a company for sexual harassment, non-paid overtime work, pain, or even issues that you might think is nothing.

Why risk to get sued, if you can avoid it? Map your working environment today using Make sure you take notice of all the small hints there are in the comments from your employees. This will in many cases lead to early warnings about issues that might become a problem later, making you capable to take care of a given problem long before it becomes a lawsuit. It may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to start:

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