- we map working environment worldwide - for companies

We turn working environment improvements
into profit for your company!

Analyze, improve, market and benefit!
Improving the working environment is not a "cost"
Its targeted marketing and good business!

1. We collect data from your employee
2. We analyze your working environment
3. We find the critical issues that need attention
4. You improve your working environment
5. Together we market your company
6. You & your employees benefit from all the improvements

Improved working environment results in higher productivity, more creativity, more engaged staff members, and has a huge social impact on for instance improved work-life balance resulting in a higher life satisfaction for the employees as well. Improving working environment is a true win-win task both for the company and the employees. Its one of the few social responsibilities your company can actually benefit from.

This is what is about.

This is how we do it:

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Why map your working environment?

  • Reason 01: First of all, its profitable! Simply...
  • Reason 02: To find cost effective improvements
  • Reason 03: To find critical issues
  • Reason 04: To maximize productivity!
  • Reason 05: To position your company
    - its a marketing tool
  • Reason 06: To hire the best
  • Reason 07: To get engaged & creative workers
  • Reason 08: To increase your competitiveness
  • Reason 09: Because you have a social responsibility
  • Reason 10: Minimize the risk of labor related lawsuits
  • Reason 11: and much much more!!

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Why map your companys working environment?



Why should we ask our own staff members using

There are a number of clear advantages:

  • We are the only company doing this kind of surveys entirely based on your own employees opinion
  • Your own staff members will not necessarily tell you everything you need to know. We might be able to get those critical information for you.
  • We are a third party company. The information we get which can identify any individual will never be forwarded to the company. So it is safe for your employee to submit information to us.
  • We are neutral and can see things as they are
  • You will get information you never thought you would get about your own companys working environment
  • When you are certified, you can use our WE-icons to market your companys working envrionment towards your stakeholders.

What kind of surveys are available?

  • Survey type 1: Standard
  • Survey type 2: Standard plus focus area
  • Survey type 3: Customized surveys

Click here for details about each survey types. - working environment survey types

How much does it cost?

Please have a look at our pricing list. We estimate between 40 to 65 USD for each employee respondent for each survey for the standard survey and simple analysis. Please ask for details and or a quotation. - working environment certification pricing

Start your certification process today

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Why not tie up with us!

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How to start:

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