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Working environment survey types

Survey type 1: Standard

The standard survey covers general working environment, physical working environment and mental working environment. Further it covers analysis of the findings, analysis of the employees comments as well. The result is a WE smiley status determinition. In some cases the report will suggest improvements, in other cases (if the working environment seems to be perfect) it will just state the splendid working environment the company seems to have. - working environment survey types - standard

Survey type 2: Standard plus focus area

We have a number of areas that we focus on like mental working environment, family friendly working environment etc. For details please see our WE smileys.

Survey type 3: Customized surveys

We can customize the survey as much as needed. Maybe you want to get opportunities to rate specific departmenst and compare them with another? Do you want to compare male and female respondents results? Do you want comparisons for a whole industry or area? Let us know your wishes and lets find a solution together.

How to get started:

Click here for a request for starting a survey for your company. Please fill in as many details as possible. As soon as we have your request, we will get back to you with information and instruction of how to proceed. We are sure the survey will be of great benefit to your company. We are looking forward to working with your company. Survey request - working environment -
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