- we map working environment worldwide
This is how we do it

This is how we do it:

1. We collect information from YOUR employees using Internet based questionnaires (example)

2. We create charts and reports from the analyzed data, and we also destroy personal information collected, so the company never gets any personal information. This guarantees the staff members that their identity will never be revealed in any feedback to the company.

3. We analyze the data collected

4. Your company receives a report with our findings
5. Based on our report, you can chose to improve the working environment

6. Provided you do improve the working environment, you can in most cases expect higher employee engagement and thus also higher productivity, more creativity leading to higher profit and better sompetitiveness. Employees can expect a higher life satisfaction as their work-life balance will be improved. Its a win-win for all.
7. You can chose to use our Working Environment Smileys (WE-Smileys) on your web, to attrack the best candidates for vacancies in your company (why pay a recruiter if you can attack the best candidates without paying anything at all?) and to improve your company image towards your stakeholders.

8. The process can and should be repeated every once in a while as your organisation are a group of human beings. The organisation today, is not the same as it will be in two years. You simply need to be on top of it.
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