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Basic content:

Our report contains some basic charts elaborated on response from the companys employees. The main chart is shown above and contains the overall result of the items that we ask the employees to rate with numbers from 0 to 10. The above chart is elaborated on a number of respondents from Japan only.


Our data makes it possible to compare the response of two different types of employees. It could be a comparison between male and female responses as shown above. The above chart shows the difference between male and female staff members in number of non paid overtime work pr month in Japan. It is the actual number of our respondent as of 13th August 2013.

Isolated elements:

It is also possible to isolate for instance physical working environment if that is what your company is most interested in focusing on. These charts can again be compared between two groups of employees to make it a sensible and usable statistical information.
The status of the mental working environment in your company can be very important to understand. We summarize all the elements that make up the mental working enwironment in a chart. The above chart is the actual data we have gathered related to Japanese working environment during the last few years. Not many parameters exceeds 50% which result should be of great concern. Mental working environment has a great influence on the employees well-being, motivation and effects your bottom line directly. At the same time, it is one of the cheapest area to make changes. - this company has a mentally healthy working environment certified by

Summary of comments from employees

Often, you want to know the very concrete comments from the employees to the working environment. It is here, you will find the true reasons why the working environment is as it is and it is also here, you will find the hints you need for making true improvements.

We analyze and summarize the employees inputs in a way that no individual can be revealed.

Overall rating in %

We summarize all the rating from 0-10 and create an average. This percentage will define the companys status. If it exceeds 60% it has the possibility to be rated as "Excellent!" or "Great!" working environment. 50% plus will give you a "Good" rating and so forth.

Comments from WE consultants in your country:

We work together with working environment consultants worldwide. If needed, the findings can be commented by a local working environment consultant in your own language. For more information about our consultants, click here.
More details to come soon...  
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